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Imagine gathering with a small group of peers in private workshop space and online Idea Parties? Share writing, accountability, and meant-for-you guidance.

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You have stories to tell.

In your heart, you know you're a writer — you're meant to write. There's a story idea that's been tugging at you. You're ready to stop thinking about it and start getting it on the page. You've wanted to write a book for as long as you can remember.

It's on your bucket list, and life is short.

What if you join us?

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In Courageous Wordsmith Membership Circles, we bring together small groups of emerging writers who are ready to dig deeper.

Next round expected January 2021.

Together, we’ll help you:

  • get clear on the stories you're destined to share, through writing and multimedia practices.

  • transform your raw ideas into well-crafted work.

  • tap into wisdom and healing through the writing process.

Are you ready to become the writer you are in your heart?

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How this is structured

The Courageous Wordsmith Circle is a year-long membership designed to support you in your writing journey.

In the first six months, you’ll go through a foundational sequence of lessons to locate yourself in your story’s landscape, establish your writing practice, and get to know your Circle.

In the second six months, we’ll focus on deepening your creative practice, developing your narrative, and refining your craft.

From there, you can stay with your Circle as long as it serves you. We’ll keep supporting you with inspiration and gentle accountability to keep you writing.

*You will receive:*

—A FREE 30-minute strategy session before you commit. Let’s see if we’re a good fit AND identify stories you might tell.

—Bi-monthly virtual Idea Parties with fellow writers to unpack stories, each at our own pace. We’ll play with storycraft and creativity habits.

—Private space to share your work for cross-pollination and commentary. Enjoy accountability, companionship, and reliable insights. Nurture your work with trusted fellow creatives who honor YOUR story.

—A full year of writing support and tools that honor YOUR creative process.

—Ongoing companionship that nurtures YOU, not just your work. Explore your authentic practice and let it evolve. This is neither a sprint nor a marathon. It’s a pilgrimage.

—Access to in-house creative professionals who can help you in shaping your work at any stage of the process.

You don’t have to share perfect pieces. This is work in progress. Follow your curiosity. Grow with your writing.

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*Do I have to have a book started to join?*
No! We’ll explore possible topics in our strategy session, if you like, but this is a place for discovery. Even if you haven’t written a thing, you’re welcome. All you need is a willingness to write and show up.

*What about spelling or punctuation?*
In late-stage revisions, we’ll catch those errors. (Especially if you ask). However, this is about exploring content and story structure first.

*What if people disagree with my topic?*
This is a safe space. We may well disagree with opinions, but this is not the place for debate. Your writing is yours. As long as we remain focused on the work shared, we can communicate how we receive it. Respectful boundaries are required for continued membership. Bottom line: There are infinite ways to express ourselves, so long as you understand this is an ANTI-RACIST and LGBTQ-AFFIRMING community.

*Can I submit revised work?*
Please take the time to absorb responses, rather than fix and send pieces back right away. But YES, revision is part of the process.

*What if I only share writing occasionally?*
That’s your decision. We understand that this is a personal process. And. We’ve created this collective so you have a place to share writing and feel safe. Even if you don’t feel ready, we’ll encourage you to come to the Circle and comment on fellow writers’ posts. The more you connect with writing, the more ideas you’ll have.

*Can I join on a month to month basis?*
We offer monthly payments while asking people to commit to a year of membership in order to foster cohesion in the group. We find it takes people time to feel safe revealing their tender sides. That said, we understand life happens and if you need to withdraw, of course we'll honor that. We offer no refunds but we'll work with you to find an appropriate substitution if you've purchased a full-year subscription.

*What does Circle Membership cost?*
This is a $2000+ value. (We’ve paid FAR more for similar groups. You'll pay considerably less to join.) We want to make it easy to say yes. At the same time, we keep our Circles intentionally small.

2021 pricing TBD. We're committed to affordable membership and we'll be up front when we know.

*MORE QUESTIONS NOW? Let us know.*
Reach out to [email protected]

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Love, Amy & Nicole

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